After someone passes away, how long do you wait to “unfriend” or “disconnect” from them?

How long after someone passes away do you “Unfriend” them on Facebook or “Disconnect” from them on LinkedIn or stop “Following” them on Twitter?  Is there a protocol?  What do you think?

My mom’s birthday was June 23; she passed away January 31, 2012, so she would have been 79 years old.  She was an avid Facebook user (she loved Mafia Wars, Farmville and other fun FB games).  She had a ton of Facebook friends and everyone loved writing to her.  She gave away a lot of “gifts” on those games, so she was a hot commodity and a very liked FB friend.

On her birthday, I went to her FB page to wish her a happy birthday and it got me thinking about death and how people who are still here should deal with it on social media.  I don’t know the answer to this question, but check out some responses here.  Each response is thought-provoking.  I still don’t have the answer for me, but I am thinking about it.  I’m not sure what I will end up doing, but stay tuned.

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